North Korean Cooking with Soonyo #1 Tuduk Guk, 07'21'', 2018


"The evening opens with a heart warming short film by Minyung Im which focuses on two North Korean women cooking dishes from their home country. Although the interviews are centred around cooking, it seems this is a catalyst for the narratives of deprivation and loss which have played a dominant role in North Korean life. Both interviewees discuss the food shortage that occurred in the country in the 90’s and explain how this led to a high use of tofu as a meat substitute.

Soonyo, who is the second woman in the film, has an infectious personality; singing sweetly as she cooks and chewing loudly on her freshly prepared dish. When talking about her home country, there is a sadness as she reminisces about the lack of food and free speech and even more so when she opens up about the positive aspects of the country. A narrative which is not often heard in the west. The film becomes 3D when the audience are unexpectedly offered food samples which are enthusiastically received."

John Marley